I am in the beginning of Ann Cleeves’ “The Crow Trap.” A nice fat mystery for lazy days of summer. But I set it aside when I grabbed a copy of “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan at my library. Can’t put it down…for now.

Hello! Political groupies…

A newly published book entitled “Al Franken, Giant of The Senate” will not only tickle your “funny Bone,” but make you think, as well. Al Franken was signing books at Barnes & Noble in NYC and my husband and I were lucky to get him to sign a copy for us. We were also able to let him know we are writing a song for him. His next campaign is in 2020 so we have a way to go. This is one savvy guy. A Harvard grad who made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, and is now a Senator from Minnesota and already being talked about running for President. Hope you all get his book, and enjoy!

The Wolves at the Door : The True Story of America’s Greatest Female Spy by Judith Pearson. A fascinating read about Virginia Hall’s undercover activities for the British Intelligence during WWII in France.

Good morning! Oh, nice –the latest good reads:-) A friend (wait til I get my hands on her!) got me hooked on Lois McMaster Bujold‘s series of books about a planet called Barrayar and an unlikey hero named Miles Vorkosigan. Smart, funny, imaginative–and actually full of heart warming insights. I loved this coda to a moving chapter that featured a family reunion–
“O loves, take delight in one another.
While you can, take delight.”
“Shards of Honor” is a good place to start……:-)