I don’t want any guns at all in school. Ever. By anyone. Handguns are totally useless against the weapons of war that have been used. If police come into a school and see someone with a gun they will shoot. So we have dead teachers. Or a kid gets hold of the gun. Or more senarios that I can think of. Teachers are not police. They need to teach.

The NRA has a serious hold on our politicians. The second amendment is interpreted different ways by different groups. ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Based on the NRA’s interpretation, AR15’s, a military grade weapon, it is legal for an individual to own one. How does this make sense? In 1996 after 35 tourists were killed in Tasmania (Australlia), automatic weapons were banned and there has not been a mass shooting there since then. But Wayne LaPierre and his very vocal, very vitriolic NRA spokesperson, Dana Loesch have their own interpretation which includes gun toting teachers. How did we revert back to the Wild, Wild West?

Teachers should be armed with hand guns only and know how to use them. All rifles and all assault weapons belong only in the hands of certified law enforcement personal only.

Teachers love to teach..Carrying arms and being vigilantes are NOT their business nor should it be. Professionals need to do that if necessary. One of the jobs of teachers is to help ALL students, boys and girls, learn how to express their frightened feelings in a safe environment.