I’m here in sunny Florida getting ready for a swim. Tech has changed my life! I absolutely rely on my PC, tablet and phone. These devices keep me current with my life and with the world at large! It’s so easy to Google a question or check for a phone number. I make reservations for dinner and shop almost exclusively online. In fact, there are so many practical facets to the use of technology that I am startled if something goes wrong and my service is interrupted!

But I haven’t given up hand-written correspondence because I still believe that personal outreach is the best. I want to hear the sound of my daughter’s voice to “take her pulse” when she’s wrestling with a challenge and the real deal for me is face-to-face. I favor the “person” in “personal.'”

I wouldn’t give up what we have at our disposal but I hope the creative problem solving isn’t over ridden by You Tube and such. And no, I don’t miss phone booths-I always wondered what germs were on the handset and number pad!

I do miss the phone booths. I could call my mom & chat about my pregnancy. I like the new tech. Got a few misgivings, but all is ok. I hope they never automate the laundromat. Its human contact I miss, living in the country without transportation.

Devices yes, I’ve thought recently how grateful I am for air-conditioning. Conditioning, now that’s a discussion that’s what I’ve been, conditioned to having a clean house compared to a dirt floor and a solid walled house instead of a tent.

Now on to current day devices , when they work they are great but can I funciton when they don’t work? Do I know how to re-program one? Then there is the foundation, the hidden agenda that might come with one.

We were a stronger people before the new technology , I believe. But can we go back? I remember somewhere reading about a lady that looked back and became a pillar of salt and that is what she is remembered for doing.

My mind is wandering over many memories this morning, I guess. So which device do I use the most? Probably my cellphone, safer than the old phone booth. We use my phone to stay connected to church, doctors, family and friends.

This week tried to learn how to use my Digiland Tablet, was not sucessful through no fault of my own. My device doesn’t like Google.

So here I am tech-less to what I wanted to do this week, maybe another device is in the future.

April: Tech Talk

Hi, Tech!

All the talk about Artificial Intelligence, driverless cars, and other glimpses of a future we are beginning to imagine but previously considered pure science fiction set me thinking.  Just a few decades ago, I would not have imagined the devices I now take for granted.

I was on my first Earthwatch adventure –on an island in Tonga in the South Pacific when a letter from home came through the island’s new fax machine, which was easier to access than the public phones.  Oh, the marvel!

Today, so much more than the fax is at my fingertips right where I am sitting.  I’m at the computer, smartphone and Ipad nearby, the laundry humming away and timed to stop when everything is clean.

How would we even know each other without our devices!  Which ones do you rely on most?  Have they changed your life?  Where are they taking us?  Do you ever miss phone booths?  Please discuss.