My father disappeared on Thanksgiving week. He had gone hunting and never came back. I spent Thanksgiving day on a mountain searching for him. I could never celebrate Thanksgiving after that. That was 40 years ago. Since then my mother has passed away and I have grown older. My only child and his family generally celebrate with their various in-laws. I am content to spend Thanksgiving alone, just because that is most convenient for me now. I usually get a Marie Callender turkey TV dinner and I enjoy it.

We are determined on this November day to ignore the Elephant in the room – and being non-partisan, we are ignoring the Donkey as well. Instead, let’s talk turkey or whatever vegan substitute is preferred. The holiday dearest to most American hearts will definitely happen this month.

How are you handling the Thanksgiving 2020 situation? Will the accent be on food? On physical or virtual gathering? On new ways of celebrating?

Thanksgiving is always about sharing at heart. Please click here and share your plans, recipes, and reflections on the meaning of the day.  

Mom again!!!! I was looking forward to retirement next year, when my world turned upside down. I now have guardianship of my four year old grandson. He has a disorder that requires many different appointments with specialist. It has been a challenge to say the least. Born on my birthday, we had a bond like no other and somehow I knew one day I would be more than Nana to him. Guess the spirit was preparing me .

Life goes on and so many grandparents are raising their grandchildren. So what went wrong? Somehow I feel I have let my children down. Was I good mom? Thought so — I worked, paid my bills, and alone might add. Still I wonder did life just grab my son and say life will be hard for this one. He was in a bad relationship, drugs and later attempted suicide. Good news he survived and checked into rehab, and is on the road to recovery. But, in the meantime I am my grandson’s caregiver. It hurts my heart so much. But he too is mending and now sees his dad. Mom is out of the picture.

I have had many challenges as I am aging. It’s funny what life does to you. Open up packages, able to pick up my grandson, be the person who takes care of his needs. He wears me out, LOL. I’d like to hear from others who have also raised their grandchildren and those challenges they faced.

Have no passport, didn’t go or through, but had them come to me. Which I highly recommend. I was newly divorced, had two growing teenage boys and a new baby, a big house and no money. What is a mother to do…but rent out rooms. Not to just anybody but to foreign college students. An education far beyond a cruise ship, book, or any internet streaming. This was first hand, on the spot learning for me, my family and my renters. Joining cultures in a living situation was awe inspiring, unbelievable learning, and just plain fun. The countries were Australia, England, India, Iran, and Korea. We shared cultures, customs, recipes, languages, politics, and items never made public. My refrigerator became a United Nations gastronomic delight! When we all ran out of money we combined our foods together…shrimp on the barby dipped in kimchow with a side order of curried rice and a potato dumplings was a culinary delight. Combined with international chatter hit the heights of enjoyment. I can’t measure the amount of learning/understanding and sheer pleasure we all
gained but I’m sure it enriched our lives greatly. Little did we know just how much our international information was absorbed by the little one but when he entered school he became the history go-to boy, as he would give lectures on these countries. The teacher thought we had traveled extensively. I still get occasional e-mails from my extended families keeping me up to date on their lives. What is an unhappy time in some woman’s memory is a joyful memory for me.