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I’m on my 63rd day of staying at home. Except for walks around the block where all my neighbors appear to be dead or asleep, I’ve been out only four times. And then I was masked. But, just today, I’ve arrived at being fed up with this situation. I’ve sorted, cleaned, vacuumed, read, written, blogged, phoned, texted, Zoomed, and read hundreds of emails suggesting activities I can check into online. But I’m so done with all that. Just let me out so I can fly. Let me out so I can meet a friend for lunch. Let me out so I can interact with a live person who’s not inside a rectangle on my screen.

I’ve read all about the dangers of loneliness. I’m not really lonely because I’ve filled my days with interesting things. I’ve been happy to get a lot of things done that I didn’t have or take the time to do before. It’s just that I miss the experience of being less than six feet away from a live person. I miss the smells, the touching, the feelings that accompany a live encounter of hanging out with a friend. It’s like I miss something an acquaintance told me when my husband died two years ago after 56 years of marriage: “You’ll miss that someone to hang out and do nothing with.”

If you’d like to come over and socially distance a cup of coffee with me, I’m here, and I’m not bonkers. Yet. I still have a sense of humor, and I’d love to hang out with you for awhile. And do nothing but absorb the gift of each other’s live presence.

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This virus has not changed my solitary yet productive daily tasks but I am getting better at my To Do List…reading more, gardening, making homemade Raviolis and also Pierogi from my dual heritage, leaving a box of treats and extra staples at my neighbors doorstep, more ME time and being grateful. Blessing to you all Ladies!

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Four pounds of Cheese

ordered from Costco
Not good for a person retaining fluid
Too much salt in that cheese
Too much cheese in my fridge
So I called a friend to help me
A Board member of Project Home
Can you accept my cheese for two homeless
She was so grateful
She said I made her day
I  said she made my day
I went through my refrigerator
I went through my freezer
I filled three bags: fresh produce, fresh fruit
Frozen fish, canned fish, peanut butter
Kind bars for children
I felt so good. More satisfying than donating money
I have been poor, but I have never been hungry
For me to share my bounty with hungry neighbors
Soothed my aching heart.

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Being confined related to the pandemic situation has proved to be a blessing in disguise: not being constantly ‘on the go’, and pushing my stamina to its limits has given me the mental energy to work on computer/phone projects that help me as well as others. A lot of my friends were feeling tension; I had contact with several clinicians who belong to my private bridge club; I asked them for names of their colleagues who might be available to take new clients for video or tele-therapy. I spoke to each of them; and was able to make a valuable list that included two therapists who take Medicare, and several who are good with a sliding scale on rates. For my friends, just knowing that pre-vetted help was available was comforting in itself. I was asked to re-join a book club that is now meeting via Zoom: wow, that took the pressure off driving far away, and having to struggle for a parking spot in the only place available for parking at all. I’m looking forward to that! Being in frequent phone contact with my daughters and grandchildren helps keep the blues away; all in all, this too will pass, and I am surprisingly accepting of necessary changes to stay healthy.

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