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October: Without Passport

Luca Zingaretti, Peter Haber, Bruno Cremer, Gigi Proletti, and Pierre Arditi are just some of the new men in my life. Ever heard of them? They portray some of the great fictional characters that are transporting me to places I am now unable to visit in the flesh and providing the enormous satisfaction of solving satisfying murder mysteries as we go. With them as guides/heroes, I have Sicily, Sweden, pre- and post-WWII Paris, Rome, and the vineyards of France as regular stops on my current itinerary. They are the great actors who lead the casts of Montalbano, Beck, Maigret, Bulletproof Heart, and Blood on the Vine. Each of these series also lets me tune in for one distracting and absorbing hour or so at a time and not commit to several days until a conclusion is reached.

I’ve also been visiting Shetland, Northumberland (with Vera), Switzerland (Banking District), Finland (Deadwind), Germany (Tatort) and a new series of Murder in . . ., which will take me to cities and towns in France I’ve never heard of. Not having to pack and buy tickets is making it easy to find the time to go to all these places and more. And the pause sign on my computer or iPad screen is there when snacks need replenishing.

How about you? What are you watching these days, and why? Just as in real travel (remember?), the tips and recommendations for things to see and do are helpful and much appreciated. Click here and tell us somewhere to go next in our expanding universe of Netflix/MHZ/BritBox/Acorn, etc. And please tell us why you recommend it.

P.S. I may be aging but this topic never gets old!

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My Squeekers was a 20-year-old little Persian mix called Zero. She ruled my home and I loved it. When she was quite old my daughter and I adopted two Main Coon mixes, Schuyler and Aslan. Zero was their granny and taught them the ropes. Some of her mannerisms and habits are inherent in those two even though Zero has been gone for four years now. They are all apartment cats and midway through isolation I thought of how much I learn from them. They live like this all the time and manage to enjoy themselves and stay in shape by chasing each other and making a huge variety of noises. I have been blessed with the friendship of many pets and to those of you who have gone before, you are sorely missed and eternally loved.

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If one pet is good, then two pets must be two times better. Our two cats were rescued from an outdoor air conditioning vent many years ago in a mid-April freak snowstorm at my former workplace. My co-workers, knowing we’d recently lost two little black babies, called to ask whether we might be interested in adopting these two little kittens. We really weren’t ready to do that, still in mourning over the last two, but I said I’d go there to “have a look” at those kittens. Yeah, right! Like one can go “have a look” at little kittens and not snatch them up and take them home. Of course we ended up adopting them and now we have two fat, spoiled, precious cats who have enriched our lives beyond all expectations.

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Keeping busy … gardening, sewing a dress for a friend, reading, and most of all painting and sketching. What helps now is visiting friends (we’re allowed one household to see). Also, we can see 6 people as long as it’s outdoors. This is in London,UK. At times there is a sense of tranquility but then there are days when I feel like I’m in a confined place not able to do what I would like. I dream of going to the seaside. But, because there are too many people going I’m waiting. Patience is being developed because of the Pandemic. Just grateful I’m OK and my relatives are OK. Strange times!

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