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I know that I raised a few eyebrows when I titled a recent October Years blog post — Why Read Kids’ Stuff When the Real Thing is Available?
With that tongue-in-cheek (sort of) claim I was introducing a story that begins at a 50th high-school reunion — an event that for some includes resurrecting old feelings and reviving long-dormant daydreams, which sometimes produces hints of an unexpected geriatric adolescence.
The Tanner Chronicles stories I tell, eleven of them to date, depict what I consider the ‘Real Thing,’ that time of late-life I call the October Years, when many of us face a new, challenging landscape — a place where tried and trusted answers may no longer apply.
That universe of aging, often-solitary seniors is larger than you might think. Those October survivors have spent decades dealing with life ‘up close and personal,’ creating experiences that lend depth and texture to their stories. Each of them is coping with unforeseen, life-changing circumstances — a spouse’s infirmity, financial realities that threaten their very relationship, incompatible priorities for their future, and other challenges.
And then there are the lonely ones — seeking the ‘someone’ who can help him or her overcome the emptiness of life lived alone. Granted, their stories are apt to reflect the dark side of their circumstances. But they are a resilient bunch, those October friends of mine, able make the most of an uncomfortable situation.
For a closer look at that Tanner world I invite readers to check out the following websites. Ebook and paperback editions of the books are available on the Amazon Author’s page.
—  Gil Stewart’s Amazon Author’s Page
Finally, be aware that in the course of those Tanner Chronicles stories the reader is apt to meet someone they recognize, perhaps someone who looks a lot like them.

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November: Books

Books are especially on my mind with the publication of The New Senior Man (TNSM).  Both this one and The New Senior Woman (TNSW) were born of the observations and concerns of their aging authors and a search for role models among us. One of the fascinating men who wrote to ElderChicks.com was Gil Stewart. (Yes, occasionally men do write to ElderChicks directly or on FaceBook.)

How fortuitous!  As Bobby and I got to know Gil through lengthy correspondence and telephone conversations, we learned of a whole genre he created: fiction not only about, but especially appealing to seniors who live in a place he created. We read and loved his senior fiction. Gil’s personal story was one we felt fortunate to have discovered, and we tell it in The New Senior Man.

I’ve asked him to tell about his Tanner Chronicles and his blog here.

After you’ve read about Gil, here is a question for you ElderChicks:  Have you read any books, fiction or non-fiction, that have particular resonance or significance for you related to issues of aging?  If so, please share here!

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I am in the beginning of Ann Cleeves’ “The Crow Trap.” A nice fat mystery for lazy days of summer. But I set it aside when I grabbed a copy of “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan at my library. Can’t put it down…for now.

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Hello! Political groupies…

A newly published book entitled “Al Franken, Giant of The Senate” will not only tickle your “funny Bone,” but make you think, as well. Al Franken was signing books at Barnes & Noble in NYC and my husband and I were lucky to get him to sign a copy for us. We were also able to let him know we are writing a song for him. His next campaign is in 2020 so we have a way to go. This is one savvy guy. A Harvard grad who made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, and is now a Senator from Minnesota and already being talked about running for President. Hope you all get his book, and enjoy!

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