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I send dozens of valentines to older folks I know! I love sending cards and they love mail! I am especially happy to send cards to those in nursing homes! And the best deal ever is the $1.00 helium balloons at the Dollar Tree! Love taking those to people at the nursing homes!

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Giving Comfort by Pamela Pierson

 For most of my life I have volunteered in hospitals. Now, at age 76 and partially handicapped, I volunteer at the front desk at a hospital on Saturdays, and this year we initiated a new program called “No one Dies Alone” ( NODA.) I am one of the first volunteers to be trained as a compassionate companion. When a person is dying and has no one to be with them, the hospital calls one of us to come in. We sit and talk gently with the patient, offering prayers based on their religious preference, or simply company by holding their hand or putting our hand on their arm so that they know someone is there for them. It is a program that gives comfort to not only the patient, but also their family that may be unable to come to their bedside due to distance or their own health.

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Updates from ElderChicks

I’m honored to be included in the article, “Joy in the Age of Loss” in The Philadelphia Inquirer published last Sunday. Please take a look!

And, more good news:  Work now starts on a new book, with JB Kittredge, about how seniors (and other retirees) are saving the world through their devotion to causes that help us all and add meaning to their own lives.

What are some of the ways you find meaning today?  Please click here and tell us.  We inspire each other in so many ways!

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Again I find the need to re-prioritize as I enter my second empty nest phase. My next-to-last grandchildren are heading out into the world of college. Now, no more plays, concerts or activities. No more Sunday breakfasts or birthday get-togethers. I have started by enjoying the quiet times, something I have done for years, appreciating my health and the good years left with my husband. I am trying not to look ahead too far and worry about what may lie ahead that isn’t so wonderful.

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