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New Beginnings by Liz Lovita

I’m excited to find this blog site. I’m new to blogging but look forward to participating and learning from the other women on this site. My husband passed away 9 years ago which changed everything about how I thought my life would be as I aged. Dating in my late 50’s after he passed was quite an adventure…. both good and bad. Now I’ve settled down with someone 9 years younger than me and from a different race, something I never would have done when I was younger. Based on my experience, while aging has it’s down side, I think it also opened me up to new experiences I never would have been open to when I was younger.

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I’m looking forward to my new spring garden plants to pop up their lovely heads!


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There is so much we can’t control in the world at large, but there are so many little things we can change for the better in our personal interactions:




  • Being gracious when we can with someone with whom we might expect to be confrontational…
  • Expecting the best from someone; who knows, this attitudinal shift sometimes produces positive surprises
  • Seize all opportunities to pay a sincere compliment, whenever you can…
  • Pass along something good you can recommend to someone who just might be interested; a good book for example
  • Remembering to smile more often… speak to a stranger for no particular reason…express appreciation for the small good things that come your way…
  • Try optimism on dicey situations; be prepared to be pleasantly surprised…
  • Catch up on a poor night’s sleep by taking it easy the next day…
  • Smile at a cute child in the supermarket…

You get the idea: lighten up!

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I send dozens of valentines to older folks I know! I love sending cards and they love mail! I am especially happy to send cards to those in nursing homes! And the best deal ever is the $1.00 helium balloons at the Dollar Tree! Love taking those to people at the nursing homes!

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