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The New Senior WomanBefore I retired as an associate professor of communication, I read over 40 books on retirement, aging, and transitions. I also read hundreds of articles and studies related to aging. A few months before I actually ended my teaching career, I also became a certified professional retirement coach. Then it hit me –much of the material I was reading didn’t address the difference between men’s and women’s experiences as we age. Yes, there are some similarities, but there are some significant differences as well. I joined the Life Planning Network recently and someone told me I might enjoy reading The New Senior Woman. I just started reading it -that’s how I learned about ElderChicks. My own work is focused on positive aging with a specific focus on sex and gender differences. Long live ElderChicks!

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I appreciate your sentiment about changes that do have enough of an impact to mitigate feelings of helplessness in the face of great changes and challenges.

I feel like many of us, myself included, are facing so much despair in this time…. we need strategies and places to experience what is true and what will guide us forward.

Lynne Iser
President, Elders Action Network

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Appreciation from Ed Barrett

I am an elder male but I am a member of the ElderChicks. At 85,I realize the wonderful addition that women have given my life. Women are smart, intuitive, compassionate,can manage better than any man, and fill in all the important details that are a requirement of civilized living. Would we have an economy without women, quality of life care for our children, and the decency that is the prime requirement for civilization? LOVE YOU!

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Keeping an Open Mind by Pat O.

Life doesn’t end at a certain age unless we close our minds to what is out there. At 79 I seem to have to look for spare time due to family and there is a side of me that has to squeeze in my own time. Due to glaucoma I find my evenings too free so I thought “time management” had to be manipulated to a reversal of schedule. Many household chores can be done after dark. Unfortunately community events are hard to ask for rides but when necessary I think why not? My Bucket list is one goal I need to not put off.

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