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I am in the beginning of Ann Cleeves’ “The Crow Trap.” A nice fat mystery for lazy days of summer. But I set it aside when I grabbed a copy of “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan at my library. Can’t put it down…for now.

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Hello! Political groupies…

A newly published book entitled “Al Franken, Giant of The Senate” will not only tickle your “funny Bone,” but make you think, as well. Al Franken was signing books at Barnes & Noble in NYC and my husband and I were lucky to get him to sign a copy for us. We were also able to let him know we are writing a song for him. His next campaign is in 2020 so we have a way to go. This is one savvy guy. A Harvard grad who made a name for himself on Saturday Night Live, and is now a Senator from Minnesota and already being talked about running for President. Hope you all get his book, and enjoy!

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I’m an early adopter and adore almost all of the new technology. I just flew back from a conference in Vegas (ugh) and had a whole library of books in my Kindle app that I could read on my iPad without lugging a ton of carry-on weight and bulk.

But air conditioning? As much as I sometimes appreciate it (I love the heat), I am convinced that air conditioning has ruined civilization as we knew it. When I was a little kid in the 1950s, no one had air conditioning. In the summer, everyone stayed outside. My mom and her friends played scrabble on the front patio while the kids climbed our crabapple tree or played in the sprinkler. We knew our neighbors. We saw them every day. Not just the ones who lived one or two houses away, but the WHOLE BLOCK, and in the houses behind us and across the street too. Now? We run from our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned houses. I have met most of my neighbors only during power outages and blizzards when everyone comes out of their nests and, if only for a short while, becomes a community again.

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dsc00516Yes, I am still living in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas…our small ranch is 60 miles northwest of San Antonio at Center Point in Kerr County, Texas. (There are seven “Center Points” in Texas). My husband, Rowland and I happily celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last August. I am still in business (at 84!) creating my miniature vanity trays and doll jewelry. I only wholesale my products and my retailers will not let me retire. You can see some of my things if you Google Patsy-Mac Vanity Trays.  On ebay you will see the elegant larger pieces I do for the larger fashion dolls…American Model (22 inch doll), Tyler ( 16 inch doll) and of course Barbie who is 11 inches tall. For many years I have been miniaturing and creating beautiful box rooms and little stores in 1/12th scale. Now my creations are going into a museum in Bandera, Texas which will open next year.

My current personal and business delight is my American Model doll, fully jointed and posable,  whom I dress for photographs with the creations I market for her. My St. Louis retailer, Jim Coates  exclusive rights to these larger designs for her and for the 16 inch Tyler.  These dolls are now cult collectibles and there are societies of people who own them and have conventions and buy things for their dolls….these adult toys indeed are truly beautiful.

– Patricia Reese Tessier, June 50, Girls High, Philadelphia

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