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Early this morning we buried my old cat of 24 years-she fought every day to be with me, beside me looking up into my eyes…pleading for just one more treat. I was adored by her and I did everything I could to make her last few months peaceful and love filled. I willingly accepted her devotion and attention. She died on her own terms in her own time…. run free Squeekers I will have your treats ready! I will miss your Squeekie greeting each morning.

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I live in a condo that does not permit dogs or cats. And, I do not have the physical stamina to walk a dog even if I could have one. But, for me, a large stuffed penguin may not have paws, but stroking its soft fur has been very comforting for me at bedtime, when my mind is racing, and I’m having trouble sleeping. He’s my lovey penguin!

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We didn’t need the American Heart Association to remind us (although they did recently) that pets are playing a more important role than ever during the pandemic. Last year, the AHA started a campaign to bring pets to work once a week. They called the campaign “Best Friend Fridays.” Now many of the pets people were encouraged to bring to work on Fridays are full-time work-companions at home with their owner pals, reveling in new-found extra togetherness.

For those of us who have not been office-bound for years, or ever, really good news came in an AHA news release: Studies have shown that pet ownership is associated with increased exercise and fitness levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreased stress and greater overall happiness and well-being.

There is an implication here that dogs are the pets referred to in “Best Friend Fridays,” but stress is also released, it has been found, in watching goldfish swimming back and forth. Why do you think that is? What is your experience, past or present, with furry, feathered, or finny friends at home? Releasing stress is becoming a major goal these days! Please click here and tell us.

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WilieWillie was his name, but in later years our grown children called him “Bill” and then in the last days “Old Bill” and finally “Poor Old Bill.”

But, his name was probably the only thing that changed over all those years, because Willy was always there.  At the door when the bell rang, 12 pounds of fur and bones that barked like 20. Each greeting of excitement made everyone feel important.

He guarded both home and yard, chasing every squirrel and bird that dared to cross his path without permission. When driving on summer trips to the sea shore, his alert nose would sense the salt air at almost the same mile post on the Atlantic City Expressway, and he would cry out with excitement. It became a betting game with us to see who would guess first at what point Willy would send out the alert. (more…)

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