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I am deeply concerned to see that our country has taken yet another giant step backward. Education is intended to help us advance civilization through knowledge, problem solving, reasoning and values clarification. We have sold the best of our nature to this madness called politics. The only classroom where firearms are appropriate is the training centers for law enforcement officers. The teachers and other adults in our schools are meant to be role models. What is the model we want our students to aspire to?

Here’s an idea: have politicians use their NRA contributions to reinforce the safety of our school buildings. Think how much it would help to retrofit schools with internal camera systems, armored window glass and safe vestibule entrances. Banks do it. High end jewelry stores do it. Are currency and jewels more precious than our students and teachers and staff?

This is America and we are Americans. Let’s fight back to the foundations upon which this great experiment began!

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Appalling by Nancy Mammolito

As a retired Guidance Counselor I am appalled at the thought of teachers being armed with guns in the schools. Much of what the counselors do is teach students to be less aggressive with each other, to have tolerance and understanding of others, and to know that they can make a difference in their world by working to end the negativity in their lives. The thought of our students thinking it is normal and alright for the people who provide their support system to also carry deadly weapons gives out a serious mixed message. There’s a place for guns but it’s not in the hands of those whose job it is to provide mental expansion, not fear of weapons.

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Taking a Stand by Joanie Goddard

Gun controlYes, indeed!!  WHY are we LETTING all this violence and terrorism happen in our society?  We need to all unite ourselves, and band together, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!  Like the song by Lynyrd Skynyrd says, “This Ain’t My America!”  As for me, personally, I am getting more outspoken and involved politically, attending rallies, signing petitions, etc.  Sure hope it will do some good!  Who’s with me on this?

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optimistic2I think the US is on a fast downward spiral to an undemocratic very dark space. Wealth buys the votes. The NRA is superbly well funded and well organized. But I spread my bets between belief and action – I believe we are entering a very dark period, but I act as if effective gun control can be accomplished, global warming is on the brink but can be stopped, and community kindness can be partly performed through government programs.

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