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August: Dog Days

The Greeks and Romans named the period in late July/early August “the dog days of summer.”  The reason was that it was the time when the star Sirius appeared to rise just before the sun – the time of year that could bring fever or ominous times.  Many moderns think of “the dog days of summer” as a time when even dogs are so hot they are likely to lie around panting.

The latter interpretation is how we’re feeling about the dog days in the Mid-Atlantic region!  Too hot to write on August first this year.  And thinking of our fur-coated friends seeking the cool spots these days.

Tell us how you feel about these summer days where you are, or favorite dogs you have or remember.  Just click right here, be transported to the blog page, and write!  Pictures of pooches welcome.

P.S.  A hearty recommendation for Bettyville:  A Memoir, by George Hodgman.  A great way to spend summer hours with a remarkable writer whose year of caregiving for his aging mother made me further understand human connectedness.

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