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The Wolves at the Door : The True Story of America’s Greatest Female Spy by Judith Pearson. A fascinating read about Virginia Hall’s undercover activities for the British Intelligence during WWII in France.

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Good morning! Oh, nice –the latest good reads:-) A friend (wait til I get my hands on her!) got me hooked on Lois McMaster Bujold‘s series of books about a planet called Barrayar and an unlikey hero named Miles Vorkosigan. Smart, funny, imaginative–and actually full of heart warming insights. I loved this coda to a moving chapter that featured a family reunion–
“O loves, take delight in one another.
While you can, take delight.”
“Shards of Honor” is a good place to start……:-)

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booksI’m reading “The Rise and Development of Calvinsim in America.” (Ed. John Bratt, 1959). I was raised in a Calvinstic tradition but never had a course in it. So I’ve resurrencted an old textbook of my husband’s and am thoroughly enjoying it. I”ve run into some comments in my own higher education where folks have said with some incredulity, “So you’re a Calvinist?’ as if that was some very bad thing. I never felt it was  repressive, so, at this late date in my life, ‘m trying to understand where those comments were coming from. I may even dive into Calvin’s “Instiututes” from 1559 someday!

On a completely different note, a friend asked me to read “The Cross in the Closet” by Timothy Kurek. Although, it could use some closer editing, it was good for me to read as a 71-year old trying to understand all lifestyles. This young man, raised in a strict religious home, went undercover for a year as gay and tells of his experiences. A helpful eyeopener.

And, finally, I’m busy reading my required texts for the fourth and final year of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults at the University of Chicago. We’re reading Plato’s “Phaedo” about Socrates’ conception of the immortality of the soul and also the American documents. I’ve learned so much about the Constititution that I never knew. Another eye opener.

This retirement time is so wonderful to be able to muse over what I’ve missed in the past. I feel thankful each day for the time. Thanks for bringing for this topic!

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Hi! We are finally having summer weather in the Fall! Just finished reading “Conquistadora” by Esmeralda Santiago. A fantastic novel with a background of Puerto Rican History.  A powerful and colorful novel alive with passionate characters and the drama of the islands history.

There are so many wonderful writers that i enjoy and recommend so I’ll just list a few:  Maeve Binchy, Catherine Coulter, Bette Bao Lord, Lisa See, Anita Shreve, Isabel Allende, Tami Hoag, Ann Tyler, and Ann Rivers Siddons. These are some of the  women whose writings I enjoy.

And then there many men who write that I enjoy – so here are a few:- Walter Mosley, James Patterson, Stuart Woods, Jonathan Kellerman, John Lescroart,  and David Balducci.

I could fill pages of authors that I enjoy but I’m sure all of you can, too! HAPPY READING !

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