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Exciting news from ElderChicks

Greetings to The New Senior Man! Please help me welcome the new book, to be published officially on October 8. And join me in honoring the memory of Bobby Fleisher, my beloved friend and partner, in whose spirit I write this.

As always, working with Bobby was joyful and stimulating; we had a virtual “Vulcan mind meld,” as Trekkies would say. There was little left to finish without her, but no question that it would be done, as we had promised each other. I hope you will enjoy the opportunity to hear her voice again in the new book.

We wrote it because wherever we spoke about The New Senior Woman, someone would invariably ask, “When are you going to write about the men?” The topic turned out to be needed, fascinating, and extraordinarily eye-opening. Their lives, we learned, were just as dramatically impacted by the cultural changes of the last several decades as ours (women’s) have been, but many of us have been so busy finding our own strength that we haven’t noticed parallel changes for men. Wonderful men from 60 to 100, from all walks of life, tell us how they are meeting the challenges change brings.

Pre-publication orders are being taken at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and Rowman.com. Please tell us what you think about senior men in this tumultuous time.

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Just finished Donna Leon’s FALLING IN LOVE. Each one of her novels seems better than the last!

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The Wolves at the Door : The True Story of America’s Greatest Female Spy by Judith Pearson. A fascinating read about Virginia Hall’s undercover activities for the British Intelligence during WWII in France.

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Good morning! Oh, nice –the latest good reads:-) A friend (wait til I get my hands on her!) got me hooked on Lois McMaster Bujold‘s series of books about a planet called Barrayar and an unlikey hero named Miles Vorkosigan. Smart, funny, imaginative–and actually full of heart warming insights. I loved this coda to a moving chapter that featured a family reunion–
“O loves, take delight in one another.
While you can, take delight.”
“Shards of Honor” is a good place to start……:-)

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