December: Stuffed yet?

Thanksgiving is past – more stuffing to follow. We know, this is definitely a first-world problem, but for the moment, let’s ignore our consciences and consider the fact of our own reality. The stuffing is not just for the turkey.

Most of us ate more than we usually do last week, yet, as the commercials say, “But wait, there’s more!” The holiday season brings holiday treats. Old favorites and new culinary delights.

What were and are some of yours? No need to share the recipes in detail, but feel free to do so right here.

I am an elder male but I am a member of the ElderChicks. At 85,I realize the wonderful addition that women have given my life. Women are smart, intuitive, compassionate,can manage better than any man, and fill in all the important details that are a requirement of civilized living. Would we have an economy without women, quality of life care for our children, and the decency that is the prime requirement for civilization? LOVE YOU!

Holiday time and it always reminds me of all the varieties of cookies my mother baked. I bake quite a few varieties too and send them to my granddaughters, although I’ve learned only one variety ships without breaking. It is an acorn cookie so named because it looks like an acorn after it is dipped in Carmel and nuts,I can even make one with gluten free flour for one of my granddaughters.I’ll start baking next week.

After Thanksgiving Mom would make Danish Butter Cookies. All day long there was an endless line of trays of cookies. This was originally a cookie recipie for the cookie press. Mom decided they were too small and rolled out the dough and cut it with cookie cutters. There we’re big boxes of cookies sent to dad in Vietnam. Or my sister and her family in Texas. To friends, to family. It was the only time of year Mom baked (other than box birthday cakes).It was when kids could have more than two cookies a day. Mom quit making them for years when we were grown. Then I asked for the recipe. I had a little boy to help me. My sister also asked for the recipie. I intend on sending the recipie to my niece this year too. Such pleasent memories.