It’s June! Can we put aside our everyday concerns and political angst and focus on vacation? If you are fortunate enough to have a summer vaycay planned, tell us what it is. If you haven’t, what do you wish it might be? Maybe a bit of vicarious travel or serious lollygagging  on a beach will benefit the rest of us as we check into each other’s preferences.

For me, some days just visiting those crime-ridden quaint English villages I find on my “BritBox” favorite series is sufficient to take me away without leaving my computer screen. On others, I relive saving the giant clam in Tonga or visiting the Louvre. What is your real-life or expected vacation ideal or plan?

Just click here and help us dream.

We just returned from a marvelous weekend reunion with the 17 most beloved people in my world — children and grandchildren!! We met on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. It was so satisfying watching our now young adult grandchildren interacting as they seldom see each other. It was great!!

Summertime is not when I crave vacations. I hate the heat, direct sun and humidity and try to avoid all three. But, this summer I am doing something wonderful. My shy 18 year old grandson loves to travel; and I love to travel with him.

So, we are going on a cruise to Alaska, and both of us are delighted. I will bring my scrabble set for evening enjoyment with him. As the middle child, he never gets much solo attention, so getting it with me is satisfying for him, and I love being alone with him, so it’s perfect for both of us.

Planning on taking my birthday week (which includes July 4th) as vacation and spending it aboard my boat in southwest Michigan. Will get in some family time, along with celebrating with friends, getting in some winery tours and revisiting some favorite shops. Just being near the water, even if it’s just with a good book, makes me relax. Cheers to a good summer!