A Different June

We awaken to a different beginning of summer this year. How is it different for you? Are you easing out of doors more? Are you masked?  How is life in your neighborhood? Most important, of course, are you feeling well and safe? And what is brightening this June for you? Please tell us, because your bright spots help illuminate this June for all of us.

I find it interesting that each of us is faced with our own individual and unique problems, and have to deal with them as best we can. Two years ago I went from being a very active person, to one who is disabled and completely homebound. I live by myself in a ranch home. I no longer can drive, or go out by myself. I’ve had wonderful friends who have driven me places, and helped me with tasks too difficult for me. I am widowed with no children. Now with the virus, I am completely by myself, and unable to go anywhere. I don’t have to share any room with anyone. No one is in my way. And I am glad of that. But I’m also completely alone, and that presents it’s own problems.

On the plus side, I’ve been cleaning out all my drawers, cabinets, and closets, and gaining much satisfaction from that. And my backyard is filled with animals and flowers, which I enjoy. And this week, I’ll be celebrating my 83rd birthday, and I’m glad to still be alive- and in my own home. I am trying to concentrate on the positives.

I too am fed up although I have my husband here working from home and my daughter and her boyfriend. However I miss my space terribly. I’ve worked from home for years but my work is frozen and I’m not used to everyone using my kitchen in my house and my bathroom and yikes, I put on 4 pounds. I miss going to the gym. I got in the car and just drove the other day just to be out and about and it was a pleasure with no one on the road, but I miss running errands and going to the grocery store.

I haven’t been able to visit my 93-year-old mother because she’s in a nursing home so I haven’t seen her since February. I feel like I’m in a constant state of confusion about almost everything, including a lack of understanding as to why this is so serious when the flu kills people who refuse to get vaccinated and or the media doesn’t tell us the truth or they don’t know what the truth is.

I’m 65 and didn’t plan to retire although I may be forced to, and if this is what retirement is like, I’ll need to find something outside of the home to keep me sane. but I think I’ll perish. I read something the other day about complaining and I saw a show that suggested you have a complaining jar when you complain. You have to put a dollar in it. I think I might institute that this week. I’m typically not a complainer more of a venting ranter and I move on pretty quickly.

You have been so productive, proactive and getting through this with all sanity in tact. I still still have my hubby of 60 yrs to hang with and on to when I feel a meltdown coming on. We have been in since March 5, with curbside grocery pickups and precious few other errands. The thing I miss most is not seeing our four grown children, 11 grands and 12 greats up close and personal and holding them in my arms. I’m watching lots of news, cooking, emptying the dishwasher, crocheting masks and FaceTiming anyone who has a few minutes. Love hearing how the rest of you are getting through. Go enjoy your friends. It will put air into your lungs and a smile on your heart. We’ve had a few Redneck cocktail parties in the driveway with just a couple of neighbors. I didn’t miss being out and about until we couldn’t be. I used to love days of nesting at home. But not everyday. All the projects that we were saving for a rainy day are still waiting to be done. I’ve realized we function most efficiently under pressure. I am a writer and love spin my takes but I figure my story is everyone’s story right now. My brain is thinking and….I feel something coming on. Stay tuned.