In the face of what sometimes feels like overwhelming change and challenges in the world, I’m planning to forget making resolutions this year and aim, instead for the do-able. In the face of daily reminders of how much seems to be going wrong, I intend to find and focus on small positive things I can do and feel good about. Does that make sense to you?

According to BJ Fogg, PhD, in his brand-new book Tiny Habits, which is based on his years of research at Stanford, choosing, practicing, and most important, celebrating these small acts will lift my mood at the very least. I’ve started the practice, and so far, so good.

Incorporating a simple bending exercise (followed by self-congratulation) into my morning routine for a total of 3 minutes is making me noticeably more limber. Sitting quietly and meditating (followed by a personal thumbs-up gesture) for just a minute before turning on the computer is making it easier to gather my thoughts. And thinking thoughts of gratitude for what means most in my life (followed again by thumbs-up) before closing my eyes at night is no longer skipped. These tiny changes, with others being incorporated as I notice spaces in the day to accommodate more, appear to have a cumulative effect. As a result, I’m better able to find energy and intention needed to help in some small ways to fix the world. That’s the real goal of the next decade: fixing the world.

What helps you face the real challenges of 2020? What habits and coping mechanisms have you found that make you available as a source of help and light for others? Please tell us right here. We all need all the help we can get.

I am at the beginning of my journey of many things this year!! Exploring my age, getting organized and self discipline. I am new at it and for me using my daily planner and making list help me stay on point for my daily goals. I struggle with self discipline and staying consistent. I would love to see people around the world living in peace and show respect for others.

Love all the positive writers! I joined Good Life Fitness about 2 weeks ago. The variety of choices there has been great, and so I have attended 9 group classes. I am hoping my balance, strength, and energy will improve. So far, the classes are mixed age groups, and they have been kind about my slower time at getting the rhythm. We laugh together, not at anyone. For example, we had to hold a yoga pose for the count of ten. We had just started, but after being interrupted the Trainer asked what number we were on? Almost in unison, the class yelled 10! We all broke out in laughter!

On another topic, does anyone know of a senior group that brainstorming is done for marketing departments, of companies? Almost every week I am irritated by products or services that are not senior friendly. I am in Oakville, Ontario, if location matters. I am wanting to vent, and compare ideas. So many companies are missing out on a huge target market! Thanks in advance!

Keeping Busy by Dorene

For a number of years I took care of my husband of 42+ years, worked a full time job and managed our home, our dog and a second home. After my husband passed away in January 2017, I continued to work which helped me get through the grief of losing him sooner than expected. When I retired in December 2017, it felt weird without the structure of tasks in my life and I just floundered. My brother came to live with me in July 2018 which has helped a great deal. He pushes me to meet up with my friends (3 of 4 of them are still working). I now meet one of the girls every month for lunch and the whole group gets together to see a movie when one is showing that looks good. My other brother calls frequently to check up on everything and makes sure that we keep laughing. I pray every day to thank God for the gift of a great family and wonderful friends.

I appreciate your sentiment about changes that do have enough of an impact to mitigate feelings of helplessness in the face of great changes and challenges.

I feel like many of us, myself included, are facing so much despair in this time…. we need strategies and places to experience what is true and what will guide us forward.

Lynne Iser
President, Elders Action Network