Is this question related to whether you are a “glass full” or “glass half-empty” person?

Does fall mark an ending that reflects in your mood or attitudes? Or does it signal the beginning? Does it trigger looking forward or back?

Or is this seasonal change none of these to you? Maybe a time to glory in the sense of change and the thought of changes of the palette reflected in nature and wardrobe, the temperature we feel or expect, and, if we must, the world we’re living in.

We all want to know.  Please click here and tell us as fall begins.

I love October. It means that all the fall colors are showing or starting to. It means that many people are back to some routines (even retired people – I am back on my exercises classes and Spanish class). One of my granddaughters has her birthday in October. The hardest part is dealing with world issues. We had a really hot summer, but coming back from a trip in September to temperatures in the 90s was not wanted. I like the changes of the seasons, even though I see time passing so quickly.

Lately I’ve been noticing the change in the days and feeling that it is all happening much more rapidly than I remembered. In the early morning about 7.00 am or so I go out to pick up the newspapers at the curb. Last Wednesday morning I took some time glancing at the identifying shapes of trees against the pale morning sky. The pause rewarded me with the ‘rosy fingers of dawn’, painting the sky in the east while as expected, the pink-red color that I think many people don’t notice, stretched out in the western sky. By Monday next, it was all happening noticeably later, about 5-6 minutes later and the walk to the curb down the drive way to get the papers was increasingly in the dark.

Along with all of this, I acknowledge once again that the sun isn’t rising where it did a month or so ago, regardless of the time of morning. This short walk, in the brisk air of early morning, affords more than these visual treats, as my mind is tickled by and with the explanations of these things. And as I notice the planet behaving itself, the treats nudge me to query are there things about me that also are happening noticeably earlier, with some acceleration, in different places and spaces, and perhaps with some of them turning me into a momentary masterpiece seen only by myself?

I love fall! It has always been my favorite season. Growing up in Michigan surrounded with incredible trees the fall colors were absolutely brilliant and beckoning. For me, Fall has always meant new beginnings, even though it is the prelude to winter. Which I also love. Strangely enough I do not like summer much–the heat is very debilitating for me. But I am a lover of the fall–even the so-called dark, November days excite and entice me.

Fall is a new season. Plants and animals all behave differently. Variety in our environment is interesting and stimulating. There are Autumn rituals to look forward to: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Homecoming, etc. Every new season is a gift.