We are determined on this November day to ignore the Elephant in the room – and being non-partisan, we are ignoring the Donkey as well. Instead, let’s talk turkey or whatever vegan substitute is preferred. The holiday dearest to most American hearts will definitely happen this month.

How are you handling the Thanksgiving 2020 situation? Will the accent be on food? On physical or virtual gathering? On new ways of celebrating?

Thanksgiving is always about sharing at heart. Please click here and share your plans, recipes, and reflections on the meaning of the day.  

Hi everyone! I’m an entrepreneurship student at Loyola Marymount University and I’m currently doing research on how to improve the means by which grandparents can connect with their children/grandchildren and vice versa. In my own experience, I talk to my grandma over the phone. While she has expressed interest in speaking over video chat rooms, there is usually some technological issue. She has also told me that she doesn’t want to feel like a burden by calling every week so she waits until I call. I didn’t like hearing this not only because I don’t want my grandma to ever feel like a burden, but also because I know I could be better at contacting her. I sincerely enjoy our talks, but know there has to be a more accessible and personal way to communicate. I am on this website because I would love to hear about the experiences of seniors who might have some difficulties related to communicating with their children or grandchildren. All feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!

My hubby and I will celebrate the day by roasting a turkey but if we can’t get to the store, I will do chicken breasts in the crockpot and a side of stuffing-I have been saving bread from our senior lunches for months! I am grateful to be able to plan and cook the meal-we have no other family-but we do have each other and a house full of cats!

We banned turkey for a few years. Why? For a couple years straight the power went out when cooking the turkey! We laughed about it and had delicious roast or tacos, or what ever we liked. My parents on their very first thanksgiving had meatloaf! Mom’s was good.

I am a widow and my son and daughter do not live near me. So — I will celebrate alone and am thankful to be able to get up each morning.