So much else is going on, but let’s pause and declare that the main idea right now is Valentine’s Day! Can we suspend all other reality for the moment and focus on a time that conjures feelings and memories of sweetness, of love and romance, of hearts and flowers?

Personally, chocolate, lots of red presents, and cuddly puppies leap to mind for me. How about you? Let’s be each other’s valentines this year by thinking about what is special about being or sending a valentine. I’m sending one to every ElderChick and friend of ElderChicks. You can do it right here.



Sending the beautiful lLadies sweetness of happiness and friendship. As I pass a kind word to a stranger in the grocery store, help a neighbor cover her fig tree or steal a moment for myself to be inspired by the soft moonlight wiping my tears away – I know the best candy of St. Valentines Day is blessing to you all and a grateful heart. Hugs!

The New Senior WomanBefore I retired as an associate professor of communication, I read over 40 books on retirement, aging, and transitions. I also read hundreds of articles and studies related to aging. A few months before I actually ended my teaching career, I also became a certified professional retirement coach. Then it hit me –much of the material I was reading didn’t address the difference between men’s and women’s experiences as we age. Yes, there are some similarities, but there are some significant differences as well. I joined the Life Planning Network recently and someone told me I might enjoy reading The New Senior Woman. I just started reading it -that’s how I learned about ElderChicks. My own work is focused on positive aging with a specific focus on sex and gender differences. Long live ElderChicks!

Happy Heart Day wonderful senior ladies. Today I am thinking about my high school love, having just learned he passed away this week. I am grateful for what I learned about loving from our relationship and saddened by the fact I never got to tell him. Enjoy something red, or pink, or cuddly this week and treat yourself lovingly.

To All Elder Chicks, Gal Pals, Neighbors, and Families,

Be immersed in peace, gratitude, compassion, love…and chocolate! Valentine’s Day is for everyone! Hug your sister, your daughter, son, grandchildren, pets, spouse, and yourself.