The famous Philadelphia Flower Show. If ever there was a year when it would feel awfully good to focus for at least a whole week on flowers, this is it! Put everything else aside, much of which may be casting an unwelcome shadow, and think flowers. Think about your favorites – their colors, their scents, their healing, cheering presence in your life. And tell us why you find them so special. Do they evoke memories? Affect moods? Change the atmosphere?

Please click right here and tell us about flowers you love, so we can all imagine them for a beautiful while together.

For scent, I’ll have freesias and lilacs.

Spring is my very favorite time of year. I call it ‘rebirth’. The smell of freshly tilled earth, mud, packed under the fingernails and the hot sun on your back are the emotions I shall never forget. My teenage years were spent on a truck (veggie) farm and it taught me a lot too. When you spoke of the Flower Show it took me back to when I was 10 yrs old and my father rented a display booth at the New York Flower Show. We stayed in New York City for a week setting up the display and I got to wander thru the before hand setting up of this wonderland. To see a 30 ft tree being planted indoors was mind boggling. Flowers by the crates, rolls of green grasses and rolling dollies of bushes…so out of place from what I knew. I watched stone walls and fences going up as men with garden hoses were watering freshly planted greenery… indoors! Needless to say I was in awe, speechless and overwhelmed. The show was a huge success with lots of ho’s and har’s but I got to see how it came together. How fortunate can a little girl get to have such wondrous memories.

Checked outside yesterday and my daffodils aren’t even peeking out yet! So I will get out pictures from last year: forsythia, daffodils, lilacs, dogwood, redbud, whitebud, crabapple, poppies, and finally daylilies. Just have to keep the faith. They haven’t failed me yet.

I haven’t posted for a while, but the mention of flowers stimulated me. There actually are quite a few blooms in my garden right now as the large collection of Hellebores have been doing their best to brighten up this long and unpredictable winter. Bright yellow “Warbler” was one of the first, but there are now at least twelve clumps varying in color from pink to deep red–nearly black –to white. What will really excite me–and I must watch closely for it as it can be here today and gone tomorrow, is my patch of Bloodroot–a wonderful wildling with beautifully shaped leaves and pure white star-like blossoms. It’s a knockout! Google it and you’ll see what I mean.